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Thanksgiving with your family. What a delightful event!

Who doesn't enjoy cooking all day and discussing the current state of politics with relatives?

Look at them, sitting so comfortably, with their smug faces.
They're waiting for you to cut up the turkey.

It'd be too bad if something happened to ruin this day. A real shame...



Wreck the Party has been in development for 3 weeks, and is currently in the early proof of concept stage! It was created by me, Dana Nelson from Kinda Sweet Studios.

Over the next few months the game will continue to grow and expand!
If you have feedback or want to see specific holidays or settings explored leave a note in the comments! :D

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rock Paper Shotgun Review: "Wreck the Party! has pleasing voxelicious destruction and physics simulation, with wigs popping off and glasses smashing into tiny pieces. I like ruining the dinner."

Alpha Beta Gamer Review: "It's a fabulous bit of bird-flinging Thanksgiving fun."


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Played it as a little Thanksgiving video, loved it!

I played this as a part of a Thanksgiving video, and I must say it was very fun while it lasted! I felt my inner jerk reach its full potential.

This is a fun game chucking the turkey off of everything you can see in sight. My only two small complaints is there's no levels or anything else to do so it gets repetitive fast. The music can be a bit harsh for extended gameplays with  the beats constantly in your ears. (i wear headphones probably speakers sound amazing for this)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Lots of Fun. The Music is on Point! I love this holiday but when given an objective I have to do it.... even when that means getting EVIL! All I have to say is don't do this at your party.... But if you do... Make sure you get 5 stars! Much Love!

Great game, y'all! Happy Thanksgiving and hope this doesn't happen at your family dinner!!


Thanks, really love this game

This was a ton of fun, something i would definatly go off and play in my free time as well :)

HEy i'm BRAZORD and here is my video with 3 amazing games, WRECK THE PARTY is the LAST ONE on the video, great game i like the concept and art. Thank you very much! Hope you guys enjoy! And be carefull this turkey is dangerous! xD

Loved the game!! So funny!!

When you can't make the Superbowl, so you practice your quarterbacking at Thanksgiving dinner instead...

What a crazy fun game. I've always wondered how many dentures and glasses I could knock out or off of people's faces (by which I mean, I've never wondered that), but now I know.

You don't really need to say anything about this game, other than it let's you launch your lunch, and any normal person would be sold. But it does have a great style design and lots of creative detail. It took me a few looks to notice you could knock out grandma's dentures. Runs smoothly too.

All in all, just quick, crazy fun.

Really like this game! It needs more maps and more smashing things!Love the game!:)


This looks super fun. I also want to eat this pixelated turkey.

Funny game.

Good music. Really like the voxel style graphics and destruction.


Quite a silly game, did a let's play of it.


Hey I though the game was really fun and I wish it was longer or had more levels or something. Come check out my video.


I'm trying to do a lot of indie games so come check it out :)


Gameplay Video:


Thanks for making a simple fun game to get rid of the Holiday frustrations. We had a blast. Would love to see the kids table in the next level.


Thanks for making good game

Thanks a lot

I've seen turkey cannons, but turkey slingshots are next-level devices for delivering food down people's thank holes!

Translation: this is a damn fun game.

The voxel-style graphics style fits well with this type of game, as do the chiptune bgm and sound effects. The controls are simple... I mean, you're slingshotting birds into people; it's kinda hard to mess up a point-and-drag control scheme. The gameplay is great, although I wonder if the bird's speed is a bit too fast out of the gate. The only thing I would change is the addition of extra objectives/challenges/achievements in upcoming releases.

Overall, it's a great game that has potential to be a big hit. Looking forward to seeing future updates!


did a lets play on your game along with some silly cover art :D




Wreck the party Gameplay: https://youtu.be/k8pUtfrmpFk


Wreck The Party - Hilarious Gameplay - Hope you enjoy



Love the freestyles!


Wreck the Party! #Thanksgiving

Hello! I wonder - how to contact you by email? :)

Do you have twitter? Message me @itsKindaSweet

Can You contact me @EvanAddictiveMC? Thanks :)

Don't sure why, but Twitter messages don't work for me :( Maybe you have a FaceBook then?

Try emailing: Dana (at) kindasweet |dot| com


You should make another game with different levels, where you screw up dinners and stuff. Now that you have the people liking this game, it would be a cool experience!


I normally steer clear of score-based games (more of a story fan personally), but this was too funny a concept to pass up :D Definitely a fun, short Thanksgiving game!

I also made a video of it. Hope it helps!

Thanks for the video! It helps! :)


lovely dinner


I really like the game! I love the idea and getting 5 stars isn't too easy. Also one of the future levels could be on Christmas!


THIS game has allowed me to express my true feeling about thanksgiving turkeys... THAT SHIT TOO DRY ANYWAY ! LMAO fun ass game bro, play it. Also check out hard croc's video below, that shit is LIT


This game is hilarious!

Awesome little game to celebrate Thanksgiving :)


Never realised I could be so happy destroying a loved one's urn....


I really enjoyed this game! Thanks for making it. I would love to see some new levels and what not!

More levels in the works!


Simple game, but I like the idea of food based destruction. A level at a fancy restaurant would be good fun.

Tenouttaten, would hurl turkey again.

Oh! Maybe a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day or something?

I didn't have a specific holiday in mind but, sure, Valentine's Day can work. Perhaps a resentful chef/waiter tossing something at a restaurant full of couples. Bonus points for pegging a wandering violin player.


Finally found out what the POTUS pardons the turkey for...


Throwing in my turkey.. I mean video too. I can't wait to see the next builds. Maybe the physics can be tuned cause sometimes the turkey bounces off a lot and sometimes too little.


I'll definitely take a look at that for the next party. Thanks for playing!

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